About me

I am a passionate software craftsman who enjoy being challenged, be that by technology or people. I take a special interest in the transformation of legacy code. Legacy code offers it’s own challenges, from understanding and capturing the details in the code whilst putting it under test to working with the team who own it and helping them see the possibilities and freedom in working in a different way.

I am the founder of Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group who meets about once a month at FooCafe. We are a group of aspiring software craftspeople who come together to learn from each other and others through film, books, workshops, presentations and more.

If I did not have to work for a living I would still write programs, but a lot less. I would mainly spend time with my family, cook good food and make good cocktails. I also enjoy reading, travelling, films and theatre.

I am available for contract and permanent opportunities. If you are interested please use the contact me function, Or find me at @tomasmalmsten on Twitter.