Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group meeting 1

I had the pleasure to organise the first ever Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group Meeting on the 12th of September 2013. We were 14 attendees who met at Avega Group's office in Malmö. We opened with some beer and chit chat.

We then started the meeting with me presenting why I think this community is important and why I organised the meeting. Then we proceeded to the main topic of the night:

What is Software Craftsmanship?

We spent a good hour discussing this with the back drop of the manifest. The conversation was started with a question on if it is required to practice TDD to be a software craftsman. This was then quickly linked to the notion of well-crafted software and the conversation moved on to try and define this. Testing had a clear focus here.

The group then proceeded to talk about how to steadily add value to the customer through code. Upgrading infrastructure, language and tool versions and so forth and when this is a good decision, rather then a decision made by a developer who think new technology is cool.

After the break with pizza and beer we re-conveend to sum up and talk about what to do next.

It was decided that the group will move to FooCafe and we will meet the second Thursday of every month.

The following topics came up as possible for future meetings:

  • Tools and practices used to create well crafted code
  • What personal skills are required of a software craftsman
  • War Stories - tails from trying to implement SC in different contexts
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • Clean Code - Book and films
  • Clean Coder book
  • Study group about other books
  • Design Patterns Group
  • Interesting Speakers

For next meeting, the 10th of October, the subject will be:
Clean Code Episode 6 - TDD - Part 1
More info and registration at FooCafe