Monthly Archives: December 2010

About a year ago I wrote this entry about how to get the Android DDMS tool to run in Snow Leopard with a 64bit JVM.

Recently Android released a new platform so I downloaded it, as well as the latest cut of development tools. In this new release there is now native support for running DDMS and other tools in a 64bit JVM. If you followed the instructions in the above entry you will now notice that you get an error with a stack trace similar to this:

This is because the tools don't know which of the SWT classes to use, now that it has two in the class path. To sort this out you need to remove the environment variable ANDROID_SWT. Then the tools will automatically use the default 64bit libraries shipped with Android.

To help aid the WikiLeaks site with a readable URL I have created a redirect to them. I will try to keep it updated as and when I find that it's been moved and/or the old one has stopped working. The URL is

I support WikiLeaks work and I think any kind of investigative journalism should be supported. And to say that they have committed a crime by publishing material leaked to then, not by them, is to say that any journalist that publishes material of any kind that has been leaked to them is a criminal. This is certainly not the case. The journalist is doing her/his job. Please read Jim Naureckas blog WikiLeaks Hasn't 'Leaked' Anything for a better explanation.