Google Cloud to device messaging for Android

I have been trying out Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM). It is a technology from Google that makes it possible to send small messages to an Android Devices running Froyo, the latest Android 2.2 release with the Google API's enabled. The application is a very simple prof of concept that illustrates how the technology can be used. It is however not a full implementation and it is missing some required functions.

The PoC is composed by two different sub-systems, an Android application and a web application server. The servers is written in Python and is leveraging Tornado.

The system supports the message sequences depicted in the diagrams below:

Register a device for C2DM:
Register a device for C2DM

Sending a message to device:
Sending a message to device

In the two coming posts I will walk through how each of the sub-systems (device application and web server) works. If you are aching to get your hands on the code you will find it on github: Android application, Web server.

You will find the device side introduction here and the server side introduction here.

  • Anonymous

    Great set of articles! Very useful for me to get started with C2DM... The google examples are very thorough, but quite complicated for beginners