Automate SLAMD extension testing using Maven

I wanted to automate start of my SLAMD server for faster development time when porting on façades to the underlying SLAMD system. SLAMD ships with a Tomcat 6 server so the obvious way to do this is to use the Cargo plugin for Maven.

Below is the configuration that automatically pushes my classes to the server and then starts the server. They are configured in a profile since I don't want this to happen on all builds.

This will first remove any classes from the SLMD web app in the Tomcat container that lives under the package com. It will then copy all built classes to the SLAMD server. It will then launch Tomcat and wait for a ctrl-c to break execution. This will all happen in the package build phase.

This makes it fairly quick to deploy and test changes made to extensions of the SLAMD server.