A couple of weeks ago I was part of the first ThoughtMade. ThoughtMade is a "bring-a-thing party", or as Jonas Lundström titled it: "An Invention Party". At Inkonst in Malmö 17 installations were exhibited during a couple of hours. The space was alive with buzz and excitement, both from the exhibitors and the audience.

A couple of the coolest installations were: ThoughtMade Candy Machine, RepRap and Lighten Your Load.

The candy machine, set up in the weeks leading up to the event, got attention from around the world. It dispensed a M&M every time someone tweeted #thoughtmade. There are plans to put it to use for charitable causes in the future. Visit or to get more information about it.

The Replicating Rapid prototyper, RepRap, is a 3d printer that can print everything from every day items to prototypes. It uses cad drawings to print items in plastic. At the event a bottle opener and a cup was printed. The technology was previously only available to engineering firms. Now several RepRap printers have been built by normal people, and each can make most of the parts for a new RepRap. The RepRap at ThoughtMade was created by Gustav Nipe.

Lighten Your Load was a cool installation done by Christian Liljedahl from It is a discarded diode box from the Danish National Arena connected to a rope. When someone pulls the rope the diodes lights up. The heavier the pull the lighter the diodes. It is one of the best lightning displays I have seen.

There were of cause loads of other really cool things to look at and experience. There is a full list of installation over at ThoughtMade's site. But the above are the ones I remember most vividly. I was however gutted when I realised I did not get a chance to test Chris Hughes Mindflex EEG game.

Mashmobile and one of the organisers, Jacob Hansson, created an image stream that was projected onto a wall at the event. Guests that installed the Mashmobile client and took pictures during the night had them displayed on a wall. It was a great idea although most of the pictures were taken by us at Mashmobile.

The event was a great success and it has brought allot of much needed attention to this region, which is buzzing with creativity and innovation. Already before the first had have time to finish the next one was being planned and it will probably take place during the fall. If you have a chance to and visit it it will be a wonderful experience full of excitement and creativity.