The move from Blogger to WordPress is finally done

I have been in the process of moving from Blogger to my own WordPress blog for a long time now. With a demanding job and small children there just isn't much time and energy left to pursue such things as changing the look and feel and the hosting of ones web presence. But now it's finally done.

The immediate benefits as I see it is a an updated look and feel that is more to my liking and also that I now have one design for my web presence, rather then two as was the case before.

Longer term, well WordPress is a much richer application with a lot of neat features. And an abundance of good looking themes. Further it is installed at my service provider so I have control over the content and don't need to be dependent on Google. Which in my humble opinion is a good thing.

Anyway, now that it's done I may have some time to start writing new articles instead of scratching my head over the look and feel and the plug-ins to choose (there are so many of each that you could probably justify a full time job keeping up with them, if not several).

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