Automating android builds

I have been woking with an Android application for a week and a bit. It's an interesting experience. The API's are easy to use and it feels like a platform that is highly productive. Especially if you work in Eclipse.

On the flip side of this comes the badly documented ANT tasks. I have not been able to find any documentation at all on how to use them! This have resulted in having to use the shell commands that ships with the Android SDK. This is all but ideal however since this level of detail could have been hidden away, and seems to be hidden away, in the ant tasks that also ships with the SDK.

I have been greatly help in my endeavor to automate the build and deploy to the emulator by reading the blog postings done by Gabor Paller at his blog His early posts that details how to create ANT scripts and work with Android in a shell environment were a true life saver.

The result is in any case an ant script that will build and deploy all source files onto a running AVD. There are also targets for redeployment and uninstall of the application. You can download it from here.

If anyone have documentation on how to use the ANT tasks for android or if you know of other ANT tasks that will do the same kind of job please post a comment.