11 November 2015
By: Tomas Malmsten

The Milano Cocktail

This is a cocktail which seems to originate from the bar Tjoget in Stockholm. I picked it up from BELLE Epoque in Malmö. From that recipe I put this together.

  • 5cl Aperol
  • 3cl Blood Grape
  • 1.5cl Coffee syrup (this coffee syrup is made with one part strong coffee and one part sugar)
  • Top up with tonic - make sure to make it a good tonic.

Mix all ingredients but the tonic in an ice filled wine glass. Top up with tonic. Garnish with blood grape peal.

I found this cocktail very refreshing. The balance between sweet, juicy blood grape and coffee is really nice.

The Milano cocktail, at my bar in the kitchen

Tags: Cocktails