With over 20 years as a programmer, software architect and agile transformation whatever I’ve seen and worked with a lot of people, teams and organisations. And technology as well, but lately I’m finding that what tech is used matters less than how the people working with it collaborate and engage.

I used to be active in the local software crafts group, I actually started it. But no matter how good our programmers are at programming it makes little difference in the software created if the organisation does not allow them to be their best. So now I focus on making organisations the fertile soil they need to be for people to do good work. When working with change I try to identify a direction and then work with small steps so we have a chance to learn along the way. The initial direction is almost never correct. But the journey will help us understand where we are going.

I am currently working as a consultant at tretton37. If you are considering an agile transformation in your organisation or need help along the way we would be more than happy to help you. Me, and my colleagues, have extensive experience. Both in term of technical knowhow and helping the teams and whole organisations succeed in this transformation. You can get in touch by e-mail: public (at) tomasmalmsten.com / tomas.malmsten (at) tretton37.com; twitter: @tomasmalmsten; LinkedIn. Or you could give me a call on +46 72 5150 121

When I don’t work I draw, grow food and read a lot. I live in a family of four, with two wonderful teenagers and hang out with friends. I also enjoy hiking, both short and long distances.